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As award winning filmmakers, we know how to create a story that connects the often invisible dots between complex interrelated issues. The pieces we craft have a large impact on their audience and often surpass their intended usage.  By using serious intellectual content and innovative, non linear visuals to create engaging video content these film resonate with multiple stakeholders.

Coming of Age in Aging America

Big Idea in 4 Minutes
Coming of Age in Aging America

Challenge: How to make the connection between living 20 years longer and the future of society in 4 minutes?

Center on The Developing Child

Theory of Change
Center on The Developing Child, Harvard University

Challenge: How to convey the connection between community and a baby’s developing brain in 5 minutes?

About Us

ideaPix is a division of Vital Pictures Inc. and draws on Vital Pictures’ history of making award winning and influential PBS documentaries. Vital Pictures creates media projects that explore provocative and timely sociopolitical and economic themes.The signature of Vital Pictures work is to connect the dots of often invisible social systems and their historic construction, through in-depth research, creative storytelling and innovative production design.

Our numerous awards include:
❯ Alfred I. duPont, Columbia Award
❯ National Academy of Sciences, Radio/TV/Film Award
❯ BANFF International Television Award Nominee
❯ Official Selection, Locarno International Film Festival
❯ Hollywood Black Film Festival, Best Documentary.

Major funders include:
❯ The Kellogg Foundation
❯ The Ford Foundation
❯ Carnegie Corporation of New York
❯ John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
❯ Corporation for Public Broadcasting
❯ The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Some of our previous work

Race Power of an Illusion
Cultural Identity
Gaining Ground
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Work With Us

IdeaPix What We Do
Vital Pictures’ staff is experienced in distilling complex, sometimes abstract ideas and research into clear and memorable content with innovative images, metaphors and stories, to create compelling media. Your work, mission, research, theory – all can come into focus to resonate with thought leaders, policy makers, community members, Board member and broad constituencies.

Callout Title

“Vital Pictures dove in to understand the essence of our big idea…Through this immersion Vital was able to create the right visual metaphors. Like Francis Crick said about the discovery of the double helix – all of a sudden, all the difference pieces came into focus and they all fit and after that you can’t stop seeing it.”

Al Race, Center on The Developing Child, Harvard University

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